the divine survivors clinic

radical community healthcare

who i be?

a zulu warrior princess poet

a community health worker focused on reproductive justice

a reiki and energy healing student & practitioner for over a decade.

& one more mama laughing, crying, & whispering about a revolution.


Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
Albert Einstein


Mai’a  is a birth worker, poet, journalist, visual artist, performer, vocalist,dancer, and organizer.  She lived and worked in Chiapas, Mexico, Palestine and traveled to the Congo,Uganda, Burundi, and Ethiopia on a research delegation about the effects of war on women. She also worked as the Regional Training Coordinator for a human rights NGO. She founded and directed Cosmic Sun Theatre, an experimental community theatre, art gallery and workshop and has organized and accompanied communities and persons within the domestic urban landscape, engaging in issues including: race, working poor, sex work, prisons, drug addiction, police brutality, and queer rights; she has also organized domestically and internationally around global issues.  Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Mai’a currently resides in Cairo, Egypt with her partner and her daughter, Aza Theresa.


struggling too.

i dont have perfect health & dont believe that ‘perfect health’ exists. i do believe that we can support each other’s work in transforming our bodies, our communities, and our lives and that reiki is a powerful tool to strengthen and deepen our transformations.


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