the divine survivors clinic

radical community healthcare

why reiki?

The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives has direct bearing upon the product which we live, and upon the changes which we hope to bring about through those lives.
–Audre Lorde

  • is a safe, gentle, non-physical healing practice that reduces stress and promotes relaxation and transformation of all kind of ailments and disease.
  • can never act harmfully.
  • is not controlled by the practitioner, but by the needs of recipient’s bodymind.
  • is not limited by time nor space.  and thus can be activated across distances and times, allowing us to commune across oceans, heal the past and create a joyous future.
  • transforms toxins and illness in the physical, emotional, and  psychological systems.
  • is not a religion and belief in reiki is not necessary for it to work.


supporting the bodymind’s healing such as:

chromic pain

post traumatic stress syndrome

heart disease

broken bones




acute pain

blocks in creativity


weak immune system


high emotionally stress events

life transitions such as a change in jobs, financial situations, residences, etc.

lifestyle transformations such as diet, exercise, smoking, etc.

low physical energy


physical wounds


fatigued care takers

secondary trauma

burnt out activists and community builders



spiritual crises

collective trauma

childhood abuse

conception difficulties

discomforts during pregnancy

birth support

discomforts and difficulties during breast feeding

strengthening the positive benefits of medical care and ameliorating the negative effects of care


our bodies are constantly rebalancing themselves.  stress in the body is like dropping a ball in a full glass of water.  of course, some water, displaced by the ball, flows out of the glass. reiki dissolves the stress ball into dust.  the dust then flows out of the glass.

in our lives, we internalize stress. and our bodies accomodate and balance out the stress.  these accomodations often develop into weak energy and illness.


reiki helps the bodymind to dissolve and transform the stress. and rebalance itself.  and thus we move toward joy and vitality.


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